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APB is an Engineering Company with proven capabilities and a experienced engineering company  with highly qualified engineers and designers . (APB Engineering Projects today is  Formerly known as  RIGHT MECH ENGINEERING) started two decades ago as entrepreneur  in 1994 with a spark of passion and profound enthusiasm to conscientiously endeavor the  objectives  in the field of industrial projects and detailed engineering.    We as Right Mech Engineering   have  achieved numerous   commendable credentials and possess the  codes of standards  Nationally and Internationally.  Our consistent expedition in the field  have  achieved  us  various  technological and  scientific advances  and has spotted  us on  the competitive edge in the   industrial spectrum  placing  us  as an distinguished respectable  company in the region  enjoying a  benchmark status in Chennai. In phase of our current endeavors and succession,   our subsidiary company Right Mech Engineering  has amalgamated with parent company  M/s APB Engineering Projects India Private Ltd.  Where the Proprietorship, and other   Administration  scientific goals   remains the very  same.

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