APB is an Engineering Company with proven capabilities and a experienced engineering company  with highly qualified engineers and designers . (APB Engineering Projects today is  Formerly known as  RIGHT MECH ENGINEERING) started two decades ago as entrepreneur  in 1994 with a spark of passion and profound enthusiasm to conscientiously endeavor the  objectives  in the field of industrial projects and detailed engineering.    We as Right Mech Engineering   have  achieved numerous   commendable credentials and possess the  codes of standards  Nationally and Internationally.  Our consistent expedition in the field  have  achieved  us  various  technological and  scientific advances  and has spotted  us on  the competitive edge in the   industrial spectrum  placing  us  as an distinguished respectable  company in the region  enjoying a  benchmark status in Chennai. In phase of our current endeavors and succession,   our subsidiary company Right Mech Engineering  has amalgamated with parent company  M/s APB Engineering Projects India Private Ltd.  Where the Proprietorship, and other   Administration  scientific goals   remains the very  same.

APB Engineering was started two decades ago in 1994 with a spark of passion and deep dedication conscientiously endeavor to create an objective  in the field of engineering sensation, with committed  approach using  the latest computer aided design, engineering and analysis to provide the utmost reliability, efficiency and accuracy  and specifications.    Each one of our engineers has more than 20 years of application and “hands on” experience in the field.     Our commitment provide advanced value-added cost effective solutions for our clients.   APB  enjoys the certification of   (ISO 9001:2008) that go into our achievement of various National and International codes and standards.  Our consistent & constant quest in efficiency and technological expertise has given us the competitive edge in the industry and a benchmark status in Chennai.  The region has seen the the raise of Right Mech engineering in the  horizon, featuring eminence what we are today.  Two decades since our inception,  we endeavor  to   mechanize excellence in  pioneering   potentially in the field  in its highest dimension ever.

With our vast proficiency, our customers have displayed their enormous reliability and  confidentiality  in our service  giving them their maximum client expectations,  quality of service, proficiency,  committed pricing  consolidating hallmark status with our clients with maximum customer satisfaction as our theme motive.     We develop keen partnership programme and provide client’s mutual aid and advocate operational constraints whatsoever.    In short  a complete transparency and intelligibility strategies in our effort in defining ourselves  with our clients.


Since our formation in 1980, APB   has become one of the innovative and dynamic Engineering company in Chennai  with  fully equipped networking.  We undertake    design & Details Engineering: Chemical process  equipment, Food process equipment, Heat and cold Process , Civil & PRE – Engineering Building ,Utility Piping ,Fire Protection system,Electricals,Plumbing, ETP & STP,Structural  & Revamping Machineries. irrespective of the size or shape we are into.   We Endeavor the finest consultancy in the region, whether  be it quality, or time or  cost effect. We associate with the best Professionals and institutions  in association with  every  challenges   we undertake every time .


APB Engineering projects use  high quality systems for a wide range of industrial inspection,  materially  and in life science market across a wide range of industries,  pioneering  to the highest standards  exceeding to  our customer expectations.   Our company recognizes and also believes  the importance of cultivating  strong distributor relationships in the region supporting our clients  everywhere.    APB also substantial carry out  R&D program as  a key to success,    ensuring continuity developed program  to meet customers’ stringent demand  and  construe  lead innovative technologies.   APB  also  extends  extensive quality management processes to enable  clients  to evaluate and maintain the highest quality standards across all barriers to maintain their values.


APB  Engineering projects provide optimum design, with best-in-class drawings at a minimum lead time with cost effectiveness. Systematic engineering approach to solve the problems.    Maintain Equal importance for  both Organizational & team growth  to  encourage and upgrade their knowledge, capabilities for further development.


This is our business and passion.    The value of client’s money & time will be well taught and recognized. The engineering knowledge application is independent of the size of the project.     There will  be  Zero tolerance approach for any error in analysis, design and drawings. APB  will  accept  inevitable errors but will  not tolerate any  negligence.