APB ENGINEERING PROJECTS INDIA PVT LTD (APB) is an Engineering Company with proven capabilities, comprises with highly qualified engineers and designers. APB is Formerly known as RME founded two decades ago in 1994, an entrepreneur, with a spark of passion and profound enthusiasm, conscientiously endeavor dealing in all types of    industrial engineering projects.  RME have achieved numerous commendable bench mark  credentials and codes of standards Nationally and on International arena. Our consistency have achieved us various testimonies on various technological and scientific advances and earned us several client-ale competitive edge on  industrial spectrum placing us as desirable Engg. company in Chennai.    In phase of our current endeavors and succession, our subsidiary company RME has amalgamated with the parent company M/s APB Engineering Projects India Private Ltd. Culminating all Proprietorship and entire Administrative and scientific laboratory under one umbrella. 

APB Engineering venture to create an objective in the field of engineering sensation, with committed approach using latest computer aided design, engineering Analysis with utmost reliability, efficiency and accuracy. Our engineers have 2 decades of expertise, committed role  providing advance value-added cost effective solutions for our clients.   Our consistent & constant quest in providing technological formulae  have given us the competitive edge on various industrial platforms in this region  giving a new horizon for our company,  what, we are today.    Since our inception 2 decade ago, we ventured in mechanize excellence, pioneering potentiality in its highest dimension ever.   Our customers have displayed enormous reliability and confidence in our service endeavors giving them their maximum client expectations for the quality services, proficiency, steadfast pricing, consolidated hallmark status provided to them with maximum customer satisfaction.    Besides, We develop keen partnership program providing client-ale mutual aid to cater all operational constraints consultancy and counseling with complete transparency and intelligibility in our service strategies, defining our utmost satisfaction to our clients.

Our Vision

Amalgamating in 2017, APB armed with best professionals and associates and equipped with advance networking  in design & detailed Engineering on : Chemical process equipment, Food process equipment, Automobiles, Heat and cold Process, Civil & PRE – Engineering Building ,Utility Piping ,Fire Protection system, Electrical, Plumbing, ETP & STP, Structural & Revamping Machines. irrespective of their size and shape. We Endeavor the finest consultancy in the region, be it quality, or time or cost effective to meet every challenges whatsoever in time. 


APB provide optimum support, with best-in-class with minimum lead time  with cost effective, Systematic engineering approach, advice, solving techniques,  maintaining equal Organizational  team  growth,  encouraging capabilities for advance development growth.


APB is armed with modern mechanism with High grade Technological equipment.Material resourced from reputed manufacturers only, subsequently scrutinized grade wise behind stringent tests after tests for maintainability of quality, consistency level to the utmost satisfaction of our clients.   APB guarantee our best service excellence to our clients  in the highest order.  

APB believes in quality on every end  of product,  being the  theme watchword if APB endeavors.   APB  bench mark produce resulted in quality projects with relevant standards with highly indispensable components that coerce our projects towards every events.


APB comprises with high quality systems on wide range of industrial capabilities. APB believes in cultivating strong distributorship, relationships support with client-ale-distributor coordination.   APB comprises with R&D Key program with consciousness technique ensuring continuity development program to meet customer’s stringent demand and construe their lead innovation using new techniques and technologies.

APB extends extensive quality management processes to enable our clients evaluate and maintain the highest quality standards across all barriers to maintain their values in the industry.


Distinction is our business and passion. The value of client’s money & Time will be well taught, recognized and their investment duly acknowledged through our laborious efforts.  APB have zero tolerance and does not digests any deliberate omission  or any negligence.


APB specializes in Design, Supply, Erection, Testing and PEB ( Pre-engineering Building) Piping in steam line, Fire Protection System, Chilled Water, Ammonia, Gas line, Compressed Air, FO Line, Reactor vessels, Auto Clave, Pressure Vessel, Heat Exchanger, Storage Tanks and erection of very high/tall chimneys  commissioning extremely heavy structural’s  of expertise.APB is proud to enjoy the status of having more than 250 clients all India in their credentials.  Our commitment  and  our connection remains unshaken bondage with our clientele network everywhere.   We cut across numerous rough & roughed  barriers leaving no stone unturned in every mechanized engineering piercing and cutting new roads, new technologies on various  technology today. 

APB adopts  user-friendly endeavors, experiments exploring  new markets, new goals with every new products using new technologies on every new heights.   APB coordinate with networking  all various infrastructural projects  for client-ale balance consistently beyond test of time .