Revamping Machineries

When talking about recycling or reuse, most readers will think of milk bottles or using their current smartphone for longer. In the world of industrial engineering, the two concepts come together in the form of revamping, the technique giving industrial machinery a new and improved life.Most revamping operations are carried out based on need. A factory, an energy generating plant, a building maintenance manager or a workshop may not have the resources required for investing in new machinery.

However, they do have experienced staff and the funds required for an improvement, oran ‘upgrade’.
When updating a machine, there are elements that must be conserved: structure, dimensions, flows, electric system, security systems, etc. This is a constraint for possible actions to be taken, and turns revamping into an almost manual technique, unique to each brand, machine and context. We can visualise this through an example.

Typical examples of the modifications that can be introduced on existing rotating machinery are the following:

 Modifications for new operating conditions
 Modernization of machinery components
 Upgrading with new technology
 Debottlenecking
 Restoring damaged units