Water Treatment System

Within the hydraulic infrastructure business area, APB provides engineering, construction, conservation, operation and maintenance services, as well as other highly qualified work resulting from its extensive knowledge of these systems. Its activity is based on the Integral Water Cycle, including collection, treatment, purification and reuse of water, before finally returning it to its natural environment. In this area, APB focuses on major infrastructures such as sanitation systems: sewers and outlets, tertiary treatment for effluent reuse. APB designs and constructs facilities for the complete treatment of all discharges, urban and industrial ones, to ensure the required level of treatment, complying at all times with the fixed regulation levels for discharges.

APB develops its construction projects based on the following criteria:

Distribution of the plant elements, dealing with the logical process sequence, the topographical and geotechnical characteristics of the land and ease of operation.

Flexibility in measuring elements to deal with changes to flow rate and
pollutant load which could arise based on the original design.

Ensuring the most economical operation and maintenance.

Installing top brand and high-quality electromechanical equipment which reduces maintenance operations to a minimum and extends the service life
of the facility.

Selecting processes and elements which are sufficiently proven and approved.

Reducing odour and atmospheric emissions as much as possible.

Distribution of buildings in a well-balanced and logical manner to make it easier for operational staff to work and to reduce visual impact.

Strict compliance with Workplace Health