Innovative- HORIZONS ….

APB  promises  and remain  a distinctive factor in the industry.  Backed by our vertically integrated infrastructure,    our expertise proved our projects to repute and this has strengthened us through the years of practice in the field.   Our esteemed clientele’s inspiration and our committed affiliation has heaved us to glorious heights in delivering distinction to us and to our customers.

At every stage of our mechanized process, we affirm & reaffirm our pledge to the highest order.  Subsequently, we also carry out  our projects to undergo comprehensive supervision with  various specialization  after each and every projects we embark upon.   Our work  is an ample proof to demonstrate our triumph in the industry.    We believe our twenty years of familiarity, competency and hard work in the field of mechanized engineering as inroads  for our accomplishment.


APB Engineering started not from modern mechanized processes at every level, but also from the selection of very High Tech grade materials we procure.   We  procure Material resourced from reputed manufacturers and  scrutinized grade wise behind stringent tests after tests.  Based on the grade wise tests, consistency and maintainability,  We guarantee our clientele our best excellence in our endeavors.

APB Engineering Project  does not believe in just work but work on every  end of product and on its continuous process further beyond.  Watchfull for more new and newer products  in every  endeavors. We are committed to produce and make quality projects to conform the relevant standard Quality indispensable coercing  stringent approach towards exercising quality control, detailing composition on  every events after event under constant watchful eyes


Our expertise and specialization  in Design,  Supply,  Erection, Testing and  PEB ( Pre-engineering Building) Piping for stream line,  Fire Protection System, Chilled Water,  Ammonia,  Gas line,  Compressed Air,  FO Line or  Manpower, Reactor vessels,  Auto Clave, Pressure Vessel,  Heat Exchanger,  Storage Tanks and erection of very tall chimneys ( 55 Meters ) commissioning incredibly  heavy structural’s and production of chemical properties of caustic lye – soda, PCC and allied products  are our  sphere of expertise.

APB is  greatly strengthened by more than 250 clients.  Just like our previous sturdy assignments our connection remains unbreakable bondage with our clientele network today. We cut across numerous rough & tough barriers leaving no stone unturned in mechanized engineering   piercing cutting new roads  in Chemical technology today.

As a well established firm, we have contributed user-friendliness in all our endeavors, experiments, treasuring valuable  customers to explore new markets, new goals, new products,  new technologies to make our company the Right choice across all boundaries.  With our company networking to form the  backbone for all infrastructure today. We are confident of balancing new heights continually, consistently and courageously beyond relationship in the test of time.